Have you taken advantage of the savings?

ATI Insurance Brokers  Travel Insurance Plan- $99.99 per year.  

·         This is an annual plan providing travel health and accident insurance for a full 12 months from the date of purchase.
·         2 million dollar emergency hospital and medical benefit
·         Multiple trips, up to 60 days of travel per trip
·         Coverage is available to Members and their Employees up to age 70.
·         This is a Family Plan. The insurance covers spouses up to age 70 and all eligible dependent children.
·         No pre-existing health condition clause for individuals under age 65
·         90 day stability period for pre-existing conditions for individuals age 65-69
·         Emergency Dental Treatment
·         Evacuation Benefit
·         No deductibles
·         No medical questionnaire
·         Guaranteed issue

To learn more or to sign up, visit http://www.atiaffinitytravel.com/breb





Receive a 10% discount on your 1st advertisement in Resale Homes and Condos Magazine

Any and all members in good standing with the Brampton Real Estate Board will be entitled to an additional10% discount off their first advertisement in either the West or Central editions of Resale Homes and Condos magazine.  
For advertising enquiries please contact Resale Homes and Condos Magazine directly at (416) 993-5409.

CLICK HERE to view the media kit. To see the updated 2015 schedules please CLICK HERE to view Resale Homes and Condos West Issues and CLICK HERE for Resale Homes and Condos Central Issues.





Save over 30% with preferred Member Unaddressed Admail rates.
Regular rate is 15.4 cents per piece (up to 50g), BREB/TREB Member rate is 10.2 cents.
Canada Post has eliminated the seasonal discount program for Unaddressed Admail effective January 2014.

To start the order process, you must login to stratus™ CLICK HERE on the home page, click on Membership and then click on Products & Services, finally, click on Admail. 
Contact the Board Office and our staff will walk you through the process. 905-791-9913.



We are very excited to let you know that we have arranged a Printing Discount Program with STAPLES.
This initiative by the Board with the STAPLES international chain of stores, will deliver benefits to BREB Members through a special pricing structure.
BREB Members will be provided with a 
20% discount on all printing orders placed at any Staples location, In-store or Online.
This discount will cover all printing, including large format printing and photocopying. 

Members and Administrators may contact Ashley Moffatt in the Membership Department 905-791-9913 ext. 222 or email 
membership@breb.org to place orders for additional discount cards for your office.
Members who visit STAPLES need only provide their BREB/STAPLES Discount Card to receive their 20% discount.