Propertyline Mobile

Members can now access the Public Records platform using their iOS and Android tablets.  This new mobile interface will allow you to use your tablet to access key Public Records features including:

  • MPAC Data: Assessed Value, Structural Data and Municipal Addresses;
  • Land Registry Data: Sale Date, Sale Amount, Legal Description; and
  • Ontario Parcel Data.

With this information in hand, you can generate reports on your tablet that contain key information about searched properties, chosen comparable properties, neighbourhood demographics, maps and  your information.

To access:

1.     On the Stratus™ home page, click Search Properties.

2.     From the LINKS sidebar in Stratus™, click on Public Records (Mobile).  In addition, if you are using an iOS or Android tablet and you click on the regular Public Records link, your device will be recognized and you will be routed to the mobile platform.

3.     You can also access Public Records (Mobile) through Mobile Stratus™ (  In the Mobile Stratus™ menu, click on Public Records.


For more information, click here to read the User Guide.