Murarilal Thapliyal

How does your party intend to support first-time home buyers and new Canadians who are struggling to find affordable housing that meets their needs.  

A Conservative government will work with provinces and municipalities to knock down regulatory barriers that discourage new home construction so more homes can come on the market to lower prices. Increase amortization periods on insured mortgages to 30 years for first-time home buyers to lower monthly payments. Launch an inquiry into money laundering in the real estate sector and work with our industry partners to root out corrupt practices that inflate housing prices.

The mortgage stress test is impacting individuals and families in your riding.  What adjustment do you feel should be implemented to address the negative consequences? 

A conservative government will fix the mortgage stress test to ensure that first-time home buyers aren’t unnecessarily prevented from accessing mortgages and work with OSFI to remove the stress test from mortgage renewals to give homeowners more options. The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive is an election gimmick. Created only to distract Canadians from their failures to make housing affordable for everyday families. A Conservative government in October will fix the Liberals’ mortgage stress test, make it easier to save up for a down payment by cutting taxes, and help families get ahead.

Housing supply continues to be a significant issue in many markets across the country.  What should the federal government do to help with housing supply issue? 

I recognize that housing supply is an issue for residents in Brampton West. To assist with this issue, I am committed to working with all levels of government to tackle this issue. This matter deserves a permanent solution rather than a band-aid solution. In order for this to happen, representatives from all levels of government need to work together.
I am committed to working with my provincial and municipal counterparts on behalf of the residents of Brampton West.

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