Norbert D'Costa

1) How does your party intend to support first-time home buyers and new Canadians who are struggling to find affordable housing that meets their needs?

The Green Party of Canada would invest in first-time home buyers, and new Canadians, by legislating housing as a legally protected, fundamental human right for every Canadian. An appointed Minister of Housing would strengthen the National Housing Strategy, meeting unique housing needs in each province, and implementing the Strategy with provincial ministers. The core mandate of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporate (CMHC) would be to support the development of affordable, non-market and cooperative housing.

2) The mortgage stress test is impacting individuals and families in your riding. What adjustment do you feel should be implemented to address the negative consequences?

Increasing the National Housing Co-investment Fund by $750 million for new builds, and the Canada Housing Benefit by $750 million for rent assistance. Creating a Canada Co-op Housing Strategy, to update mechanisms for financing co-op housing, in partnership with CMHC, co-op societies, credit unions and other lenders. 

3) Housing supply continues to be a significant issue in many markets across the country. What should the federal government do to help with housing supply issues?

Include new, and existing housing as eligible infrastructure for funding purposes, allowing the Canada Infrastructure Bank to support provincial, and municipal, housing projects. Financing should be provided to non-profit housing organizations and cooperatives to build and restore quality, energy efficient housing for seniors, people with special needs and low-income families. Tax incentives restored for purpose-built rental housing, and tax credits for gifted lands, or land and buildings, to community land trusts to provide affordable housing.

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