Privacy and the Real Estate Transaction


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Protecting your privacy: it’s our business
In the usual course of real estate transactions,REALTORS® may require from buyers and sellers, personal andproperty information. Some of this information may be considered private. Collecting and sharing this informationis an essential part of the buying and selling process. At the same time, few things are more importantto individuals than their privacy. REALTORS® recognize the rights of buyers and sellers to protect andcontrol their personal information. REALTORS® are committed to using fair information practices when dealingwith your personal information. This brochure explains what we do with your information and how you controlit. If you have any questions, speak to your REALTOR® or contact the Brampton Real Estate Board (BREB).


REALTORS® abide by the PrivacyCode of The Canadian Real EstateAssociation which sets out thecommitment of REALTORS® and yourrights regarding the privacy of yourpersonal information.

We will:

  • Obtain your consent when wecollect, use or disclose yourpersonal information
  • Only use the information for thepurposes we discussed with you
  • Have privacy policies that areclear and understandable

1. What is personalinformation?

Personal information is any informationabout an identifiable individual.This does not include informationwhich is publicly available such as aphone directory listing your name,address and telephone number.

2. How do REALTORS® collectpersonal information?

Most information will be obtaineddirectly from you, the client. REALTORS® may also collect informationfrom other sources such as creditbureaus and government agencies,as needed. At the time information iscollected, you will be told what useswill be made of it, and your consent to that collection and use will beobtained.

3. What do REALTORS® do withmy information?

Your information is used tofacilitate the real estate transaction. Effectively marketing your propertyinvolves advertising the property inany medium, including electronicmedia (e.g. newspapers, real estatepublications, Internet web sites) andwill also disclose property informationto other salespersons andprospective buyers. If the listing is on MLS®, the property information willbe given to the real estate board orboards operating the Multiple ListingService(s) ®. The listing informationwill be distributed through the MLS® system to any persons authorized touse the service (which may includeother REALTORS®, appraisers, governmentdepartments and others) andmay be marketed by the board invarious media, including the Internet.Property information, including salesdata, is kept in the MLS® databasefollowing the completion of the transactionand is available to users ofthe system for comparative marketanalysis and valuation purposes.Both current and historical data isessential to the operation of theMLS® system and by placing yourlisting on the MLS® system, you are agreeing to allow this ongoing useof listing and sales information.

4. How do I find out whatpersonal information a REALTOR® has about me?

You should be able to see yourpersonal information held by a brokerage or BREB by calling, writing orvisiting the organization in person.There may be specific proceduresyou have to follow or forms youhave to fill out, and the firm or BREBmay charge a minimal cost for the service.

5. Can I correct my personalinformation that is wrong?

Yes, you can. Contact the particularfirm, explain the correction you arerequesting and why. If you can showthe information is inaccurate orincomplete, it will be corrected.

6. Is there areview process?

Yes. If you have anyquestions or concernsabout the wayyour personal informationhas been collected,used or disclosedor if access toyour personal informationhas been improperly refused,or if the companyhas refused to correcterroneous information,try to settlethe matter directlywith the firm. It has procedures inplace to respond tocomplaints. If you’re not satisfied, you can contact the PrivacyCommissioner of Canada, or by calling 1-800-282-1376.

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